Apple Pie Boba

Apple Pie Boba

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texture: float = diy jelly

scent: Apple Pie

size: 10 oz once mixed (7 oz coated clear base + 3 oz icee) + addins packet

Apple Pie Boba is deliciously scented like apple pie. It's my favorite apple scent and probably my favorite fall scent in my collection. We packed the thick coated clear base with red glitter and specks of iridescent green glitter. The candy apple red colored icee slime comes in a dome container and reminds me of an apple! It's so cute to put together and is so satisfying to mix together. Once mixed it's a thick juicy jelly slime! To get the full jelly effect, leave the slime to sit in an air tight container for a few days. I know it'll be hard to put this one down for a few days, but I promise it's worth it!

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