Bee Mine

Bee Mine

Regular price$18.99

texture: diy snow cream

scent: bazooka bubble gum

size: 7 oz icee + 1 clay honeycomb + 1 oz glitter slime + addins

I am OBSESSED with this texture! This is the sizzliest slime I have in the shop and haven't had anything like it in over a year. The base is a super soft icee scented like Bazooka bubble gum and comes with a glittery 1 oz clear slime. Top it off with a glitter dusted pink honeycomb piece and yellow bee themed addins. The squishmallow rubber charm is too cute! Once mixed, it's super soft and very sizzly. You won't be able to put this one down!

• To keep your slime clean, wash your hands before and after use.
• Sticky slime? We got the fix! Every order comes with a 2oz activator spray to fix sticky slime!
• Prolong the life of your slime by keeping it in its air-tight container to avoid drying out.
• Check out our FAQ page for more info!

• Current Processing time is 2 - 4 business days.
• We ship Monday through Friday.
• All orders come with Care Cards.
• Slime may become sticky when shipped during warm months. This is normal and all orders come with activator spray to fix it!
• Find more details on our FAQ page!


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