Candy Corn Slushie

Candy Corn Slushie

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texture: float x bingsu

scent: candy corn

size: 6 oz coated clear base + 2oz bingsu + 2 oz icee + addins packet

I finally gave in and made a candy corn slime! This is the first time I've put this theme in the shop and I love how it turned out! It's the same texture as Cotton Candy Slushie with a coated clear base that's yellow and glittery! Comes with a 2oz container of orange bingsu and a 2oz icee dome that's half white and half orange. I love the candy corn scent which smells better than candy corn! Once mixed it's a super thick juicy jelly with a fun crispy added texture due to the bingsu beads. You'll love it! 

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