Cotton Candy Layered Slushie

Cotton Candy Layered Slushie

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texture: float x bingsu

scent: cotton candy

size: 7oz coated clear semi bingsu base + 2 oz icee + addins packet

Cotton Candy Layered Slushie is the first new slime for the restock!!! This has a pink coated clear base that has a purple shimmer to it 🤩 It's topped with a bright blue bingsu slime and comes with a 2 oz dome of Gelato slime that's half pink and half blue. Scented like yummy, fluffy cotton candy! Topped with clouds, a cute carnival sprinkle mix and a few pink heart beads. This mix is so cute! Also comes with a sweet cloud charm with a shoot rainbow. Once mixed, it turns into a juicy jelly with a slight bingsu texture. This beauty inflates and sizzles! Cotton Candy Layered Slushie is gorgeous and I hope you all love it too! 

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