Gingerbread Bake v3 - CinnaCrew Slimes

Gingerbread Bake v3

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texture: diy butter

scent: gingerbread

size: 7 oz thick and glossy + 1 clay gingerbread cookie sandwich + 1 oz clear slime + addins packet

Ever wonder why you only see boys for the gingerbread cookies? We wanted to change things up with this Gingerbread girl and made it a sandwich while we were at it. Why not? Decorate your gingerbread girl with the pink peppermint and snowflake fimos, sprinkles and ball charms from the addins packet. This massive clay piece makes a thick butter slime that is so soft. You'll love the rich creaminess with the warm gingerbread scent. It's exactly what you need for this holiday season!

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