Hello Mummy Cakes

Hello Mummy Cakes

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texture: diy butter 

scent: cereal marshmallow bars

size: 20 oz once mixed (7 oz thick and glossy + 1 oz coated clear + 1 oz clay + two clay cakes) + addins packet

Hello Mummy Cakes was entirely inspired by the cutest Halloween charm I've ever seen! Hello Kitty dressed up as a mummy! This huge diy kit comes with two big cake pieces and you get to add the mummy wraps yourself with the 1 oz of soft air dry clay that's included. I loved decorating this slime and topping it with the skulls with bows! Once mixed it's a fluffy butter slime! Scented with a cereal marshmallow bars which smells like a blend of fruit loops and marshmallows. Creamy and yummy!

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