Love Potion Slushie

Love Potion Slushie

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texture: float x bingsu

scent: love spell (Victoria Secret dupe)

size: 7oz coated clear semi bingsu base + 2 oz icee + addins packet

The newest addition to the slushie collection is coming in hot pink! It's bright and so pretty! It even comes with a glass potion charm filled with a special love potion! The base is a coated clear pink slime full of glitter. The 2oz is a hot pink bingsu and the icee topper is half white and half hot pink. Add the sprinkles and mix up your love potion! Once mixed you'll have an inflating jelly slime with tons of bubble pops and satisfying sizzles. You're sure to fall in love with this slime!

Note: I would not recommend allowing young children to play with this charm. It is glass and breakable! 

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