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May The Holidays Be With You!

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texture: cloud dough

scent: tea and cakes

size: 7 oz + Grogu charm + addins packet

This vibrant green cloud dough is extra creamy and extra stretchy! This recipe is more on the cloud side vs the doughy side like my other cloud doughs. It's so fun to shape and play with this slime. It's a huge hit in our house!

It's soft, smooth, stretchy and satisfying to squeeze. It's great for stress relief, anxiety and for all slimers! It's topped with a cute peppermint and gingerbread sprinkle mix and comes with an amazing baby Yoda "Grogu" planar all dressed up and ready for the holidays!

Scent is tea and cakes and smells like a combo of almond macaroons and pistachio cake. This is my FAVORITE scent. It's so amazing!

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