Oh Gourd!

Oh Gourd!

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texture: silica bomb

scent: pumpkin cupcake

size: 5 oz 

Introducing a new texture to the shop! Oh Gourd! is a silica sand bomb. It's in a thick, slightly coated clear slime so it is not hard on my hands. I very much enjoy this crunchy rock like slime!

It's mainly orange with a little triangle of green at the top so it looks like a pumpkin! You get to decorate it with black hearts glitter, neon bat sprinkles and three mini ghost charms riding a broom. It's scented pumpkin cupcake and it is not a pumpkin spice like smell. It's more of a pumpkin creamy scent and it's delicious! If you have extremely sensitive hands, I would not recommend this slime!

**I would not recommend this slime for beginners or young children, this is definitely for more advanced slimers and those who know how to care for a bead bomb. You do not want to overactivate this slime. If you add too much activator you will experience bead fall out.

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