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texture: semi diy cloud cream

scent: oak, mint, chamomile (dupe for Weather Turning from LUSH!)

size: 7 oz + mermaid tail charm + sprinkle packet

Haley (my only team member❤️) and I were talking about Fall themed slimes. How they're always red and orange and those can only go so far! I really wanted to do something with the rain since we live in Oregon, it's blue and it's abundant 🤭 She was the one who suggested a rainboot themed slime and this is what popped into my mind! I thought it was such a good idea! Thank you Haley and I am so happy with how it turned out!

It's a cloud dough base with a coated clear glittery blue topper. The clear top reminds me of a puddle and its so fun to "splash" the rainboot charm across it. Once mixed it's a sizzly snow butter with great bubble pops! I'd actually put this in a snow slay category. If that's even a thing... It is now!

This is a nonfood scent and it's so good! It smells like Weather Turning from LUSH!

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