Silent Night

Silent Night

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texture: bead bomb

scent: fresh linens

size: 7 oz + charm

Silent Night is a beautiful bead bomb! The soft pastel colors and the shimmery base is a dreamy combo! The base is slightly shimmery with holographic stars throughout. There are three different sizes of beads to create a very unique bead bomb experience!  It's scented a clean linens scent and makes you feel like you're snuggling down into bed. Comes with a super cute star wearing a Santa Hat!

Our bead bombs will now come in 7 oz containers! It's about the same amount of beads, but this will allow us to top it off with more base slime. Which means you can take it off the top for a more thick crunchy experience or keep the extra slime in for a more soft play. Either way, you're in control and the extra base will increase the life of this slime!

**I would not recommend this slime for beginners or young children, this is definitely for more advanced slimers and those who know how to care for a bead bomb. You do not want to overactivate this slime. If you add too much activator you will experience bead fall out.

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