Teddy Bear Bites
Teddy Bear Bites

Teddy Bear Bites

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texture: jelly x creamy jelly cube hybrid

scent: strawberry + pink lemon + sugar cane

size: 7 oz slay base + 1 oz jelly cube + addins packet

Teddy Bear Bites is such a fun slime! I love the color combo with the bright pink base and creamy orange jelly cube 1oz topper. The sprinkle packet includes glow in the dark stars and star glitter! The gem Teddy Bear is so cute and comes in a variety of colors! Scented with a candy blend that smells so good! The base is made with my classic jelly recipe, that's thick, inflating and gives great bubble pops. Once mixed it turns into a creamy peachy jelly! Mix them or keep them separate. You choose! 
FYI: Once you pop the jelly cubes, they will not return to their original form. 

• To keep your slime clean, wash your hands before and after use.
• Sticky slime? We got the fix! Every order comes with a 2oz activator spray to fix sticky slime!
• Prolong the life of your slime by keeping it in its air-tight container to avoid drying out.
• Check out our FAQ page for more info!

• Current Processing time is 2 - 4 business days.
• We ship Monday through Friday.
• All orders come with Care Cards.
• Slime may become sticky when shipped during warm months. This is normal and all orders come with activator spray to fix it!
• Find more details on our FAQ page!


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