Witch's Candy

Witch's Candy

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texture: bead bomb

scent: Smarties

size: 5 oz 

Witch's Candy has lavender colored frog spawn beads that gives the most satisfying sounds when folding in your hands. The idea behind this slime is what I think a witch would give out to lure the kiddos in. Enticing, smells like candy and extremely TOXIC! 

It has pastel colored star beads that are small and rounded so they don't poke your hands. The sprinkle mix is my favorite for this restock with rhinestones, pastel bats and hollowed out stars! Charm will be a random colored toxic sign skull.

This will come in 5 oz containers vs the regular 7 oz. It's plenty of slime to play with. They come with domed lids so they fit almost 6 oz of slime 😍

**I would not recommend this slime for beginners or young children, this is definitely for more advanced slimers and those who know how to care for a bead bomb. You do not want to overactivate this slime. If you add too much activator you will experience bead fall out.

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